"Another fantastic show brought to us by Don Wishon! We saw Randy Jackson do a solo acoustic gig this summer and it was great! Seeing the full band together was incredible!"

~ Greg W. ~


"Don Wishon of Wishon Promotions is HANDS DOWN, one of my favorite promoters in the concert business. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to promote our acts and deliver a solid show… which can be a rare thing to see today. I love him, my artists love him and you will too!"

~ Shaun Hague, Supreme Entertainment Artists, Chicago ~

"Don, thank you for making a dream come true for us fans! This show was absolutely amazing! Everything about the event was awesome and you made everyone feel like a star."  ~ Kim L. ~

"Wishon Promotions brings some of the best classic and new acts to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for amazing, intimate shows.  There’s never a bad seat, and the shows feature unprecedented access to some of the biggest stars of yesterday and today, as well as some great local artists. In just the last couple of years, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and be entertained by the likes of Rik Emmett, Charlie Farren, Kip Winger, Eric Martin, Wayland, Randy Jackson, Zebra, Meiko.. the list just goes on and on!" ~ Frank & Laura Z. ~

"Fighter", Jilian Linklater